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Licaps® Liquid-Filled Capsules:

Licaps® two-piece capsules are an advanced dosage form offered in both gelatin and non-GMO vegetarian HPMC (hypromellose) for liquid, semi-solid, paste and multi-particulate applications.

This unique and consumer preferred dosage form has a proven track record for addressing complex formulation challenges and improving/re-positioning existing formulations.

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Almega PL™

Almega PL™ addresses multiple consumer needs across categories and is an important innovation in the large and growing omega-3 market.

Almega PL is a vegetarian, EPA-rich, polar lipid-structured (phospholipids and glycolipids) omega-3 oil with superior bioavailability. Developed and manufactured by Qualitas Health, a leader in microalgae systems, Almega PL is an environmentally sustainable and scalable source of omega-3 LC-PUFAs.

Qualitas Health has developed a unique and proprietary technology for strain selection, sustainable algae farming, harvesting and oil processing, allowing for the effective production of premium omega-3 algae oil for a wide range of applications.



We are a Nutra-BioSciences™ company with over 34 patents/patents pending to improve efficacy of nutrients, compounds and drugs, as well as the delivery of water-insoluble nutrients into food, beverage and supplements, for example clear dissolving Omega-3 EPA DHA, Resveratrol, CoQ10, PQQ, Astaxanthin, CLA and MCT’s.  VIRUN have developed over 50 product concentrates to enable clear, water soluble, shelf stable ingredients into food and beverages.  From compounded concentrate to finished product capabilities, our globally recognized brands OmegaH2O®, PQQwater™, CoenzymeClear™, AstaxH2O™ can be easily added to beverages, shots, smoothies and bars in a simple, one-step process and location.




Epax is the leading global supplier of premium omega-3 ingredients to some of the most renowned retail brands in the world. Our customers have significant brand equity at stake and have come to demand and depend on Epax’s ingredients and service.

In the supplement industry, Epax is known for Purity, Quality, Innovation. We exist to supply you with pure ultra-concentrated omega-3 ingredients from sustainable sources so that you can sell health-promoting products to consumers around the world.


AAK – the first choice for value-added vegetable oil solutions 

Understanding customer needs is our business

AAK is a world leading producer and innovator of high value-added speciality fats. In every customer relationship, our role is to contribute to the competitiveness of our customers in their respective markets. We offer a wide range of product advantages; from highly nutritional products, for infants to products developed for better taste and longer shelf life, in indulgence products, such as chocolate.

Customer Solutions
AAK´s wide product portfolio meets customer requirements worldwide. Our customers represent a wide range of industries; Dairy, Bakery, Food Service, Infant Nutrition and Confectionery. AAK’s objective is to supply innovative and creative, vegetable fat solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Quality, Food safety and Sustainability

AAK’s quality comprises the entire product chain – from raw material to finished product. We meet the highest food safety standards, including the stringent demands on fats for infant formula ,thereby following the strict requirements demanded by today’s leading brand owners and global marketers. AAK has a comprehensive and thorough CSR program, including strong focus on sustainable raw materials.

New Product Development

AAK’s knowledge and expertise regarding the properties of vegetable fats develop continuously through customer co-development, cooperation with research institutes and governmental authorities – regionally and globally. Our research and development take place in close coordination with the customer to customize products to meet the customer’s requirements for both functionality and quality.

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BENEXIA® is the first Chia seed introduced in Europe in 2009. This seed is now particularly recognized for its exceptional nutritional value combined with a delicious slightly nutty taste.

Ingredia Nutritional develops and manufactures unique bioactives with clinically proven effectiveness that gives your end products a targeted health benefit. These innovative and added-value ingredients are designed for a broad range of health industries worldwide: Dietary supplements, Functional foods and beverages.
Ingredia Nutritional dedicated experts are committed to the success of your products and provide comprehensive support throughout product development.

Ingredia Nutritional works in partnership with Functional Product Trading in Chile to supply BENEXIA® range in Europe and Asia.
Contact Ingredia Nutritional to innovate now and be the first to market Chia Oil in Europe!